Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crystal Nelson's Bison Tacos

We live in Austin, and sometimes you just crave Mexican food.  This is a favorite cuisine for me growing up where you are surrounded with enchiladas, breakfast tacos, and queso.

This was made on a whim and it was GREAT!  Usually the best recipes are the ones you throw together, so experiment in your kitchen.  Odd combination's make your palate happy and keeps things interesting!

1lb Ground Bison
1-2 Yellow Squash (diced in tiny pieces)
About a Cup of Fresh Salsa (or more!)
Lettuce Wraps
Olive Oil


Heat Olive Oil in pan and cook bison until almost done.  Add in diced squash, continue to cook until squash is tender.  Add in salsa and let cook for an additional few minutes so that everything soaks together.

Serve meat in a lettuce wrap and top with fresh avocado.  YUM!

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