Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast- Out Again by JenC

So my old favorite post 20 mile run breakfast place- MAGNOLIA'S on Lake Austin Blvd.  I would lay a towel down in the chair with my run group ( sweaty running butts ) and go to town on a whole wheat pancake with a quart of syrup. Top it off with a gallon of Orange get the vitamin C.

Now a days- Crossfit Jen eats the T-Rex omelet, no cheese, salsa, avocado, with a little banana on the side along with bacon. Times have changed but the food hasn't. Its still great and they make it any way you want!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Austin Land and Cattle by JenC

Folks, I just have not been cooking! Its awful! Our house is under construction and now eat out every night. I am not happy about it, but know it will pay off once the house is done. What won't pay off is the extra bloat and too much wine ( or just enough :)) from the restaurants. On a positive note this has been a great time to find paleo or gluten free places to eat and share with you. Here is the first one you need to try.


  • all meat is grass fed
  • family owned
  • no protein is served with dairy products all over it
  • vegetables can come steamed with no butter- if you ask
  • sweet potato fries
  • awesome wine by the bottle list
  • incredible HUGE spinach salad- and with all spinach, no white crap lettuce- comes with big fresh bacon and topped off with a bacon dressing 


  • parking- few and far between
  • wines are not that great on the glass list. ( personal taste )
  • Appetizers are hard because a lot is fried or has mystery sauces.

I had the salmon with sauce on the side, and veggies. Overall this place is an 8 out of 10. I highly recommend my fellow paleo foragers to go here and grub!